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Sophi Salon is moving

Hello Sophi Phans,

As you’ve likely heard, leaves are not all that will be changing this autumn! We’ve got some exciting shifts to our salons that are in preparation for some even bigger announcements coming in the next several months.

For the immediate future, this means that we will be relocating Sophi Salon to Grove City, and you will continue to find all our staff members either there or at one of our other sister locations.

You may think, “Well that’s odd, why would they move from Bexley, central to everything to Grove City so far away?”  Fair question! (With lots of answers)

First, two of our salon partners live in Grove City, and have been excited about a space there for years; 

Second, the space they found there was too good to pass up-cute, with lots of windows, easy access to the highway, and a partnership with our Artistic Director;

Third, we still might not have made the move, but we’ve had ongoing challenges with water coming through the roof in our Bexley location. Our landlord has been so responsive, and he must be far more frustrated than we are, but the strain of never knowing when it would happen again finally took its toll!

Don’t worry, though! All your favorite hair stylists are still available at one or more of our three locations, and if the Cassady Avenue location was the Phia Concepts Salon closest to your home, just share your address with your stylist, and they will be happy to provide a complimentary deep conditioning treatment or eyebrow wax in appreciation of you making the 4.8-mile, 8.5-mile, or 13-mile trek to any of our other locations.

  • If you have a hankering to go to the Short North, Phia Salon is just 4.8 miles from the current Sophi location, 
  • Our salon in Clintonville (just north of the OSU campus), Philosophi, is just 8.5 miles away and also has a salt room and easy, free parking.
  • Sophi Salon’s new location will be just 13 miles from the current location and has lots of easy, free parking.

And our NEW new location (anticipated for mid ‘23) will be even easier for our Bexley clients.

If there is any reason any Sophi client can’t come see us at one of our other locations, we’ve made some great stylist relationships during our time in Bexley, and we’d be happy to make a recommendation for you. Just reach out to guestservices@phiaconcepts.com with the subject line “Need Bexley Stylist Recommendation.” Be sure to let us know what you’re looking for in a replacement, and we’ll cross reference that with your hair records, including our notes on your cut(s) and/or color formulas, to recommend some great fits closer by.

We look forward to seeing you in Grove City, the Short North, or Clintonville very soon!


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