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Oh, how we miss you!

You can not imagine how much we miss you. And, with Governor DeWine’s announcement today that salons do not yet have a scheduled opening date, we’re sad that it will be even longer before we are able to see you.

We know several of our more “connected” clients likely have the ear of Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, or someone on one of the groups that is making opening decisions. If you have such connections, please scroll down for a special plea.

For the rest of us, let’s talk about our needs and yours.

You go first!

Meeting your needs

Your hair:

We know many of you have been holding off on our concierge service in the hopes of getting in early in May and from the start, we’ve asked you to hold off as long as you felt you could.

Well, this is going to push a lot more of our Phans over the “I can’t wait any longer” edge, so let me reassure you that the concierge serviceshave been going extremely well.

It is not the same as coming to the salon of course. At home cuts and colors are both messy and inconvenient. And while the goal of our salon services is as close to perfection as possible, our goal of guided at-home services is simply “better than before.” While that may not seem a high standard, we always want to promise less and deliver more. Regardless, these guided services are SO MUCH BETTER than rolling the dice without professional guidance!

Feel free to watch the Columbus Dispatch’s video of an at-home guided concierge cut to see what they are like. Of course, it is WAY easier to do a guided cut with a second person, but if you’re at home completely alone, we can still help. Concierge video guidance is  $1/minute . For pricing, please note that bang trims take 10 to 15 minutes and most haircuts are taking at least 30 minutes. Color services may take as little as a 10-minute setup or an hour plus of hand-holding.

Keep in mind that in addition to at-home color kits and concierge color and cut services, we also have products for styling, including colored conditioners and temporary root covers.

Your appointments:

Thank you to those of you who have been calling or messaging us to cancel appointments. We feel the love and want to assure you that we’ve got them all situated.

For future appointments, please use this helpful form to get on our priority booking list so that when we are able to reopen, we can get you in as quickly as you desire.

Your safety:

Know that we have been following every guideline (and then some) in order to be ready to open as early as May 4th. So any additional time just allows us to be better prepared, and more fastidious in our safety commitment!

Our needs

So many of you have asked what you can do for your stylist or the salon and THANK YOU!

The staff

Overall the staff is doing well. They report feeling safe and supported. That said, we have some staff members who are stuck in “Unemployment Purgatory”. We’re doing all we can to help them and you can help too:

  1. If you would like, you may make a donation to our Phamily Relief Fund. This is a staff-organized and managed fund where stylists are pooling offers of support to grant to loan or grant to those with the highest need. It is a beautiful example of the way our phamily works together and warms my heart!
  2. Use our concierge services liberally (much of the staff who has not qualified for Unemployment is making a living this way).
  3. Send love to your stylist! A simple text could do. If you don’t have their work text number saved in your phone, you can search the word “goals” “appointment” or “scheduled” to find the text strand.

The salons

Of course, this is a tough time. We work on a partner system (in some ways like a law firm!) and as you may be aware, Ohio has struggled to provide CARES act funds to non-employee workers. We are, however, grateful that two of our three landlords have been flexible which helps tremendously, but there’s no getting around the fact that an event like this is financially devastating to each salon it has impacted. Here’s how you can help!

  1. Buy retail from Phia Concepts! Some of the stylist-partners are running this service and it is helping pay their bills!
  2. Buy salt lamps. Our salt lamp inventory is large, varied, and luxurious. Ask your concierge to FaceTime with you to show you the options.
  3. Refer a great stylist. We will not require anyone to work, and an early survey has indicated that some of our staff will wait to return. That, combined with the time it takes to follow the additional sanitation practices, makes it clear that we’ll need at least a couple of new great staff members to meet the demand in a steady, safe manner. Please use this link to refer any stylist you know. We will explain the opportunities available and hopefully provide employment for those in need. (Don’t worry, we have all your service records, so you’ll be taken care of on way or another), and finally
  4. Connect us! If you have connections with anyone who is making opening decisions, please forward the information below

For those of you who may have “friends in high places,” we don’t pretend to know how to best balance public health with economic viability. We also know that hair services do require contact closer than six feet and not all salons will be as fastidious as we will in sanitation and caution. That said, we do want to make sure that the state’s decision-makers and policy-creators have considered the following:

  • salons are run by professionals who are specifically trained in infectious disease control
  • unlike offices or retail shops, there is a readily available governing body that can temporarily or permanently suspend the license of a professional or an entire shop for not following necessary practices. 

There is no such oversight in many of the industries that have opened. In addition, a face shield over the mask of the practitioner for any face to face contact can further prevent virus spread.

We’ll be waiting (impatiently) until we can see you again!

With love,


Founder, Phia Concept Salons


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